Ableton Tips - MIDI

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This class is all about understanding the power of MIDI and MIDI FX.

Audio FX changes the sound of your composition, but MIDI FX is able to change the notes. With the help of MIDI FX, you will learn how to create a rich piece of music by changing pitches, note length, and velocities and giving it a moving and changing feeling.

The goal is to learn how to modify MIDI notes. This helps students new to the concept of MIDI and MIDI FX to get a good understanding of what can be done with MIDI signals. Experienced composers should get new ideas and inspiration on how to use MIDI in their creations.

What is Included?

Learn the features of midi and midi fx. The in-depth videos cover the complete use of midi functions and fx. The course is available to watch in English, Hindi, and Gujarati.


  • Use midi as a source of musical information
  • Use midi fx to manipulate midi notes
  • Midi to Audio 
  • DIY approach
  • Easy to use

Who is this course for?

DJs, Producers, beatmakers, and Anyone who has fun making music and likes to improve their compositions by using midi features and fx.

We hope you enjoy the course. Do leave your feedback on the course page and let us know your thoughts.




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