Ableton Tips - Warping

Enrolled: 743 students
Duration: 40 Mins
Lectures: 8
Level: Intermediate

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Ableton Live - Warping

Warping in Ableton Live refers to time stretching. While making adjustments to the pitch and time of an audio file can be a multi-step process in many other DAWs, Ableton makes it easily available and it is one of its core features.

What is included?

This course teaches different warping techniques throughout its stages so that you develop a solid warping strategy. After you have mastered your warping strategy you will have the tools to warp full tracks of any genre with confidence in Ableton Live


  1. Learn in detail
  2. Boosts creativity
  3. DIY approach
  4. Easy to use
  5. How to add flavor?

Who is this course for?

DJs, Producers, beatmakers, and Anyone who wants to learn to warp and remix.

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