Digital audio formats

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Digital Audio Formats

In this course, you will learn all about the standard formats that are required to store and distribute digital audio. This course is available to watch in English, Hindi, and Gujarati.

What is included?

This self-paced course will help you understand everything about professional and commercially used audio formats and their applications.

In this video course, you will understand what is the difference between Lossless and Lossy audio formats, Uncompressed and Compressed audio formats, what are the commonly used Codecs, how all of these factors affect the audio quality,  and so much more.

While taking the course, if you have any doubts, you can submit them by clicking on “Question” on the lesson page. You can also participate in the free monthly webinars or open a thread on the forum to clear your doubts. All Access Pass offers complete and unlimited access to this course. You can watch this course from your desktop, tablet, or mobile.


1. Uncompressed File Formats

2. Lossless Compression Formats

3. Lossy Compression Formats

4. Popular Audio Formats

Who is this course for?

DJs, Producers, beat makers, audio enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to learn more about audio formats and different codecs for audio distribution. 

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