Digital Technology

Enrolled: 745 students
Duration: 20 Mins
Lectures: 8
Level: Intermediate

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Digital Audio Technology

In this course, you will learn how audio signals are recorded, stored, reproduced, and distributed digitally. The course is available to watch in English, Hindi, and Gujarati.

What is included?

The self-paced course will take you through the brief history of audio technology. Then we will go over the benefits of using digital systems over analog systems.

In this video course, you will learn how the sound is captured and stored in the digital medium, you will also learn various standards of audio quality, what is the best audio resolution for you, what are the popular formats for audio recording and reproduction, and so much more.

While taking the course, if you have any doubts, you can submit them by clicking on “Question” on the lesson page. You can also participate in the free monthly webinars or open a thread on the forum to clear your doubts. All Access Pass offers complete and unlimited access to this course. You can watch this course from your desktop, tablet, or mobile.


1. Introduction to Digital Audio Technology

2. Comparison of Analog Vs Digital Technologies

3. Analog to Digital - Digital to Analog (ADA Conversion) and Binary Numbers

4. Nyquist Theorem and Sampling of Audio Signal

5. Audio Quantization

6. Types of ADA Converters

7. Pulse Code Modulation (PCM)

8. Digital Metering

Who is this course for?

DJs, Producers, beat makers, audio enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to learn what is the difference between amateur/hobbyist and professional audio standards or simply understand what is happening under the hood of your software and learn what makes a good audio interface or good software.

We hope you enjoy the course. Do leave your feedback on the course page and let us know your thoughts



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