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Duration: 80 mins
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Level: Intermediate

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Spotify For Artists

Are you finding it hard to gain interaction on Spotify in the modern music business?

Feel like Spotify marketing isn't worth the time for the payout?

Music Marketing on Spotify has never been simpler, with these Spotify playlist promotion techniques. You can really level up your discovery on music streaming platforms.

What is Included?

This course is specially curated for artists who want to get more followers on Spotify and want to get into Spotify playlists. You will learn how to use Spotify as a marketing tool and promote your music in detail and how much royalties Spotify pays to the artists.

The course is available to watch in English, Hindi, and Gujarati.


  •  Spotify secrets
  • Editorial Playlist 
  • Algorithmic Playlist
  • Royalties
  • In-depth Knowledge

Who is this course for?

DJs, Producers, beatmakers, and anyone who wants to market their music and grow their fanbase.

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