Our Partners


Ableton was founded in 1999 and released the first version of Live in 2001. Our products are used by a community of dedicated musicians, sound designers, and artists from across the world.

LivePush and Link — unique software and hardware for music creation and performance. With these products, our community of users creates amazing things.

Horus Music

Horus Music was established in the UK in 2006 with a presence in India, Nigeria and Brazil. We offer bespoke digital distribution services allowing artists and labels to release and sell their music across the globe and in 100+ download, streaming, mobile and internet radio platforms. Our direct partnerships with leading music stores means that all music is delivered to platforms within 24 hours, around the world. We offer great royalty rates that are paid monthly to artists/record labels along with an online dashboard so that you are always in control of your music.

Anara - Music Publishing Made Simple

Anara Publishing provides a simple solution for independent songwriters around the world to have music publishing and sync licensing representation.

Anara Publishing was launched in 2017 by Horus Music’s CEO Nick Dunn and Head of Client Services Deborah Smith. Horus Music has been helping artists distribute their music worldwide for over 10 years.

Vocal Kitchen

Vocalkitchen is a boutique vocal agency based in The Netherlands, founded by prolific vocalist, songwriter & producer Allan Eshuijs. Vocalkitchen aims to “Vocalize Your Vision” by providing instant and easy access to “ready to go" vocals for any musical project. Next to that Vocalkitchen offers custom-made vocals to be written, recorded and produced to your instrumental. Vocalkitchen stands for quality and professionalism and works with upcoming as well as established artists.

Music High Court

Music High Court is a movement born out of the music community, creating a global platform emphasising on next-gen art through our music, visual art direction and apparel.

Primarily a Record Label, we focus on showcasing emerging sounds and talent from around the World through our meticulously curated label catalog, focussing greatly on quality over quantity. Each release is accompanied with a high-quality visual experience expressing the emotional essence of the song.

Pioneer DJ

Pioneer DJ is a brand of DJ products, including media players and DJ software controllers, turntables, DJ mixers, headphones, effects units, and loudspeakers. Originally part of Pioneer Corporation, the company became independent in 2014 and has produced numerous industry-standard DJ products. The company is engaged in product development, design, and sales of DJ and club equipment. The company offers DJ players, mixers, and controllers, turntables, remix stations, headphones, monitor and PA speakers, and DJ software and interfaces.

Alphamint Labs

Alphamint Labs is a company that helps businesses leverage the power of the Blockchain through category-agnostic and easy-to-integrate software technologies. They offer plug and play blockchain-based software for businesses, including NFT utility tokengating, digital asset issuance, and verification. Alphamint Labs was founded in 2022 and is based in Maharashtra, India.

MADverse Music

MADverse Music is a tech-enabled platform that helps artists with 360° label services, from free music distribution to promotion. The platform aims to reach millions of fans by releasing music on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube, Instagram, iTunes, and many more platforms. MADverse Music’s mission is to create a global community of independent artists and provide them with the best-in-class technology. The company’s vision is to break barriers and democratize the music industry by making it accessible to every artist.


DIBBL is South Asia’s leading music supervision agency, representing more than 300 premium artists and their entire catalog. Their services range from shipping curated playlists for ad films and web series to providing music for events and brand activations. DIBBL helps provide Music Placement and Sync Opportunities to the students of Lost Stories Academy to help them get access to exclusive opportunities and enhance their portfolio as music artists.



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